Beyond Hope

“Zaremba proves that a well-tuned idea can carry a low-key political message. The setting is lovingly rendered and serves the story wonderfully, allowing Zaremba to introduce some really fine minor characters.”
Globe & Mail

This is another fast-paced thriller featuring Helen Keremos, street-smart lesbian detective. Keremos is hired to find a long-lost sixties revolutionary Sara Ann Raymond, the daughter of a right-wing US presidential candidate, who has recently been spotted working on a road-gang in the interior of British Columbia. What seems at first like a simple chore in vacation-land turns out to be Helen’s most complicated and terrifying case to date. Tracking down Sara Ann through the beautiful and remote mountains and valleys Helen encounters a unlikely crew of people: an American draft resister, radical back-to-the-land feminists, Doukhobor farmers and construction workers, an Indian logger…plus assorted agents, spies, arms smugglers, mobsters, cops…not to mention a dog.

All are involved one way or another in a deadly game of multinational terrorism, murder and intrigue just 40 miles from the US border.