Broadside, a Feminist Review was a groundbreaking Canadian feminist publication in Toronto. It appeared regularly for 10 years between 1979 and 1989 thanks to the mostly volunteer efforts of a group of political activists. Eve Zaremba contributed widely to Broadside.

Selected Broadside articles by Eve Zaremba:

Old World, New World, Third World, One World
[interpreting the Koran]
May 1979, Intro. Issue

Thirty Years Later…
[Second Sex Conference]
1979, Vol. 1,#2

Out of Line
[incorrect politics]
Dec 1979, Vol. 1, #3

And now for something…
[our major parties]
1980, Vol. 1, #4

Freedom to Oppress—Body Politic
[Men Loving Boys Loving Men (MLBLM)]
April 1980, Vol.1, #6

[dismembering Canada]
1980, Vol. 1, #9

Now you see it now you don’t… IWD
[International Women’s Day]
1980, Vol.1, #10

The Long, Hard Road
Oct/Nov 1980, Vol.2, #1,2

The West and the Rest
[Western Canada/Quebec et al]
June 1981, Vol.2, #8

Voicing the Unspeakable
[lesbian sexuality]
July 1981, Vol.2, #9

Boys and Girls Together (with Lorna Weir)
[feminism & gay liberation]
October 1982, Vol.4, #1

The Art of Panel-Handling
[my education]
Feb.1983, Vol.4, #4

New Challenge to Domination
[book review of Feminism in Canada: From Pressure to Politics by Angela Miles & Geraldine Finn]
May 1983, Vol.4, #7

No Choice for Pro-Choice
[Morgentaler et al]
Nov 1983, Vol.5, #2

Faces of Feminism
[defining feminisms]
Feb 1985, Vol.6, #4

Choice is Not Enough
[book review of Not an Easy Choice by Kathleen McDonnell]
Feb 1985, Vol.6,#4

Periodical Process
[how Broadside works]
Feb 1986, Vol.7, #4

Collective Trouble
[working collectives]
Oct 1989, Vol.10, # 1